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Top Web Design Mistakes Business Make

A website for your company is important for marketing and selling your products and services. Many companies make big mistakes when they design a website. It falls short and fails to draw customers in or bring in new business. Here are some of the major mistakes businesses make with their websites and how they can correct them.

Bad Navigation

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One of the biggest problems with many websites is poor navigation. Visitors to your site can’t find the information they need and leave. For example, maybe they are looking for the price of a product you sell. They click on a few links and are lead to a page that tells them about product safety. It should be easy for someone to visit your site and find the information needed.

Whether using a web design company or having someone on the staff design the site, be sure to use icons or symbols that are easy to recognize and use. Create groups of links that are most important for customers first to use like new products or services, and promotions at the top of the navigation bar. Put other information like legal information and copyright elsewhere.

Sites that use or have many pages can use bread crumb navigation a navigation tool that reveals where a person is located on the website. It is often horizontally arranged text using a greater than symbol. This technique is designed for large e-commerce websites. Sometime constructing a site map will tell you whether this navigation tool is useful.

Don’t use it for single websites with poor organization. It is a secondary navigation tool not primary. It is convenient for users reducing clicks and does not take up too much space. It is an optional navigational not a primary one. Navigation bars whether drop down menus or buttons should be easy to use and not confusing.

Call To Action

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Many websites fail to use a call to action on the landing page. For example, “Fill out this form and our sales staff will contact you about a discount on your next rug cleaning!” Getting email addresses and phone numbers of customers gives sales staff a lead and prospect for a sale. The call to action can be a button that the visitor clicks that leads them to a page or form to fill out. The location of the button, size, color and images used, will determine if the visitor will click on the call-to-action link. A large image will get the visitor to notice.

Put one good call to action ad or button on the first page. Don’t have too many confusing call to action offers for the reader. Often they will leave never to return again. Use color and contrast with text and background color. Visitors have to read the copy and if its hard they will give up quickly. Use a color contrast tool to help you pick acceptable colors that gets your site noticed and read. Don’t use colors that clash. A dark background with dark lettering may be unreadable to your website visitor.


When writing content for the site break up the format with heading, small paragraphs, and easy to read text. Use bullets, lists, and sub heading when needed. Remember use white space to call attention to copy and keep paragraphs short and easy to read.

Now go review your site or site plan and implement as many as many of these tips as possible and you’ll have steady traffic growth and success for your new website.

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