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The Top 5 Design Principles For Awesome Web Design

Web design is something that just about anyone can master if they have the right tools and principles at hand. There are five basic ideas and principles that you need to have on hand to be able to have a great web design that is going to do what you want it to do.

Domain Name

The first step to any good design is to come up with a name that you can design around. You can have plenty of added sparkle and pizzazz but without a good domain name from which you can build your entire site, it all seems a bit trivial. In order to come up with a truly fantastic web design, you need to truly consider your domain name as it will color your entire process from start to finish.


The next part of any good design that you need to consider is the theme of your page. Again you can have tons of individual elements but without a cohesive theme you are going to end up with tons of parts that do not really work together all that well. It is essential that your site and design work together in a wide range of aspects so you should take the time to really think about the theme that you are going to use. If you do not have a theme, you may have a web design that seems like a bunch of thoughts thrown together that are not really all a part of one design.


The next thing to consider is the graphics that are going to be used in your design. This means that amount of realism, what you want to use in terms of graphics being real pictures or being drawn graphics and more. Your graphics should help you display what you are trying to achieve but should also work well with the overall theme of your web design.


The next issue you are going to fall into is the font that you choose to use. Font can be as important as the content that it is composing. You should make sure your font is readable, relatable, and that it reflects the level of professionalism that you want to achieve with your overall design. If you want it to be whimsical, pick a font that is fun but that is still readable. You should make sure that your font works across the board and that it is going to do for your site all that it can.


The last thing you need to consider with any design is of course the colors that you want to use. If you want a colorful site you should take the time to make sure that you are going to have a very fun and bright site that is still easy to look at and read. If you prefer black and white make sure that you are using the correct fonts and using your space adequately. You can always choose to add more color so make sure you do not go overboard right from the get go.

Though there are also a ton of technical aspects to consider when designing any website but it is also very important to consider all the visual and creative sides of any site or web design.

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