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3 Awesome Ways to Gain Web Design Experience Fast

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So you just learned how to do web design and you’re psyched. You’re ready to get out there and design top-quality websites and make tons of money! Until you realize something: you don’t have any experience.

See, you need experience in order to get work. Most companies won’t hire a web designer who has never done any actual work before. They consider it to be too risky.

Don’t worry, there is good news! You just need to have a portfolio. You need to be able to show prospects examples of your brilliant work. There are ways to get experience without having to be hired for a job.

This post will give you some actionable advice that will help you get some more experience under your belt. You’ll be ready to get those high-paying jobs in no time!

Small Businesses

Small businesses are one of the best places to contact if you want to build your portfolio. It’s best to find one that is just starting out. These types of businesses are more likely to need your services.

If your local chamber of commerce has announcements that inform the public when a new business opens, browse through it and figure out which ones you would like to contact. You should be looking for a business that either doesn’t have a website, or has a low-quality website.

Give them a call and offer to provide your services for free, or even better, quote them a very low price. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. In some cases, they may want to barter with you. Either way, they are great for helping you build your experience.

Partner With Others

Find other web design professionals in your area and offer to help them with their workload. This is another instance where you may have to offer your services for free.

This is a great idea because it will not only give you more experience, it will allow you learn from professionals who are already doing what you want to do. This is a great way to gain exposure to the world of web design.

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Approach Charities

Charities are great for getting more experience. Go online and look for local charitable organizations and non-profits. These organizations typically don’t have much money to spend and would appreciate you offering your services pro bono.

This is especially a good idea if you’re able to find an organizations whose mission you can support. It’s a great way to gain experience while supporting a cause you believe in.

When you find the organization you’re interested in, give them a call and find out who makes the decisions regarding their web site. The great thing about these types of organizations is that they are small, so finding the person you need to talk to shouldn’t be difficult.

Now that you have 3 viable types of leads to build your portfolio, you can get started. Begin contacting these organizations as soon as you’re ready to start working and you will have a quality portfolio in no time!

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