Designer’s Dilemma: To Freelance or Not To Freelance

Freelancing has such a glamorous connotation, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t getting into it. When it comes to technical and creative areas like web design, stories abound about people making a fortunate working for themselves. Deciding to become a freelance web designer, though, is a huge step that should be soberly considered. Pro: Make your […]

Experience Web Design

3 Awesome Ways to Gain Web Design Experience Fast

So you just learned how to do web design and you’re psyched. You’re ready to get out there and design top-quality websites and make tons of money! Until you realize something: you don’t have any experience. See, you need experience in order to get work. Most companies won’t hire a web designer who has never […]

College Experience Freelancing

5 Ways a College Student can Find Web Design Work without Any Experience

When you’re in college, money is scarce, and for the most part, you are on your own.